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What We Do

With a team of industry leaders and a collective wealth of knowledge across not only Accessories, Jewellery & Footwear but Apparel, Intimates & Beauty, The Accessory Company Group has the skillset, passion and talent to execute all of your Fashion needs.

We customise our services to you and your customer to provide the highest quality product at the best pricing in a smooth start-to-finish service.

With a wealth of product expertise and a broad supply base across Pet's Tethering, Grooming, Toys & Home, there is no product which we cannot do –  we specialise in everything Pet Accessories.


Our top-tier supply base spans the globe from Italy, China, India, South Korea, Indonesia to Vietnam. Built upon long standing relationships with these suppliers, we ensure all our factories have relevant and up-to-date Audit requirements and are the best in their field.

Our Services

We customise our services to you and your customer to provide the highest quality product at the best pricing in a smooth start-to-finish service.


Account Management

Each of our clients will be allocated a specific account manager, who will manage their product from initial concept through to store delivery.
Our service is customised to each of our client's specific needs.
We take pride in being the experts in our industry & are also happy to guide our customers and make recommendations if needed.


Design & Product Development

Each of our Account managers have design & technical expertise in different categories & will be able to bring your idea or concept to life. We provide a high-quality product at the best possible price within your specific design brief.
Utilising our long-standing relationship with top tier factories, we enable our customers to place orders with factories they would otherwise not be able to access.


Trend Forecasting & Analysis

With multiple industry specialists for Fashion Forecasting within our team, we are constantly researching the newest of-the-moment and future fashion trends to provide you with comprehensive forecasts tailored to your specified customer. We travel globally multiple times each year, to international fashion capitals & new concept areas, filling our showroom with sourced products and in-house designed collections


Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We have a team of skilled Designers, Print Designers & Graphic Artists and can help our customers develop unique products, prints & packaging. Ensuring there is no gap between vision & final design.


Packaging Design

Our Packaging Design team is passionate about crafting solutions that resonate with your brand's identity and appeal to your target audience. Fusing functionality with packaging that looks exceptional, and keeps your products safe during transit is at the forefront of our packaging; whilst also understanding the importance of sustainability and minimising the environmental footprint.



Our team travels regularly to visit our factories & relevant trade shows to strengthen relationships and continually improve our sourcing capabilities for emerging categories, improved sustainability & quality. ​ All our factories are of the highest standard and act in accordance with all applicable laws and governing issues which cover child labour, wages, benefits, working hours, anti-bribery and health and safety.



Let us do the heavy lifting. We research our clients, visit their stores, learn about their customers and present a range tailored to their individual needs. Every product we range is customised to your specific needs & we take pride in being innovative and identifying any gaps you may need filled.​ We combine trend inspiration, global travel & specific seasonal design to ensure our ranges are meeting and exceeding our customers needs.



We understand that efficient shipping and logistics play a pivotal role in the success your business. We have a dedicated team to handle the intricacies of shipping and logistics, ensuring a seamless and reliable end-to-end process.



We have a large & on-premises warehouse ensuring we can be quick and reactive for our customers. We are capable of processing large & small orders and offer a streamlined door-to-door delivery service. Our systems are state of art and we can offer to pick and pack on a quick turnaround, ratio pack or individual SKU, delivery to store or DC, hold 3-4 months of stock for our customers & are EDI compliant.


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